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Look Out, Skype: Viber Coming To Android In March

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We’re pretty big fans of Viber around these parts, as evidenced by Robin calling it “amazingly amazing” when it launched for the iPhone last month. Built to allow 100% free VoIP calls over 3G and WiFi, it’s one of a small handful that dares venture into the same territory as the seemingly-untouchable giant, Skype. Whether or not Viber ever finagles any sizable chunk of the mobile VoIP market out of Skype’s grasps, competition is always a good thing.

Vibers main drawback, at this point, is that it’s only available for iOS. As it’s built only for Viber-to-Viber calls, that meant the free calling goodness was limited to others rockin’ an iPhone or iPod Touch. Viber promised an Android app was on the way — and today, we’ve learned a bit more about when we’ll see it.

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Source: Look Out, Skype: Viber Coming To Android In March

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