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Twitter Is Blocked In Egypt Amidst Rising Protests

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Inspired by the recent Tunisian demonstrations against corruption, protesters are filling the streets of Cairo. And like the protests in Tunisia, the Egyptian ones were partly organized on Facebook and Twitter. And now Twitter appears to be blocked in Egypt, according to various Tweets and tips we’ve received. However, so far only the Twitter website itself is blocked (including the mobile site), but people in Cairo are still using Twitter third-party clients to keep on Tweeting.

Facebook is also being used to organize the demonstrations, with groups also popping up around the world to document the uprising and lend its support. For instance, one Facebook Group called We Are All Khaled Said, features up-to-the-minute updates on the protests and photos from the scene. Khaled Said was “a young man brutally tortured and killed by police in Alexandria,” explains Blake Hounshell on the Foreign Policy blog, and his death has become a rallying point for the demonstrations which fall on “Police Day,” a national holiday in Egypt.

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Mohamed ElGohary@ircpresident
Mohamed ElGohary


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We’re working hard to get new info out of Egypt. Twitter is blocked all over Egypt, connection very slow, internet on mobiles blocked.

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Vodafone Egypt@VodafoneEgypt
Vodafone Egypt

We didn’t block twitter – it’s a problem all over Egypt and we are waiting for a solution.

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Source: Twitter Is Blocked In Egypt Amidst Rising Protests

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