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Murch And Ebert’s Misguided Malignment Of 3D

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An article is making its way around the net today, a letter written to Roger Ebert by an Oscar-winning editor and sound engineer, Walter Murch, decrying a fundamental flaw in 3D filmmaking that he assures us ruins the entire idea. Despite Murch’s depth of experience in the film industry, I think he’s off the mark in this assessment. So hopefully I can dispel some of the incomplete information he’s spreading (no doubt with the best intentions) via Ebert’s blog.

Murch names a few subjective complaints first: the glasses compress the movie-watching experience, the image is dark, and the everlasting complaint that you don’t need 3D to tell a good story. You didn’t need color or sound to tell a good story in the 20s, of course, or movies in the first place, but that is something that is routinely overlooked by hasty critics of 3D. His main complaint, though, is neither new nor as grave as he seems to think.

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Source: Murch And Ebert’s Misguided Malignment Of 3D

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