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Ask a VC: The George Zachary Edition

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With the Crunchies later tonight, TechCrunchHQ is a bit of a mad house today. Paul Carr and I are MC’ing, so we’ve got interns sorting M&Ms by color, per our rider, while we try to figure out the line between “Oh that’s a funny joke” and “you’re fired.” Laura is polishing Monkey statues. Heather is counting and recounting and counting votes again. There are so many flowers and gift baskets from hopeful nominees, we can barely walk through the office. And at noon today the TechCrunchTV studio will be ripped asunder so the cameras can go to the Palace of the Fine Arts for comprehensive Crunchies coverage.

That gives us just enough time to do this week’s episode of Ask a VC, starring George Zachary of CRV. Zachary’s investments include Twitter, Yammer and Crunchies nominee Millenial Media. Zachary is deeply connecting in the industry and can regale you with stories about working with everyone from the iconic Jim Clark to Elon Musk to Evan Williams and Jack Dorsey. He also spent some time in Hollywood producing movies with other ex-PayPalers, so questions about the Hollywood-Silicon Valley cold war are fair game too.

We film in just two hours so get your questions in NOW to askavc(at)techcrunch(dot)com


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