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World of StarCraft Mod Gets C&D From Blizzard

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eldavojohn writes “If you’ve been following the team who created World of StarCraft (an amazing mod of StarCraft II to be more like World of Warcraft), their YouTube video of what they’ve done so far has already resulted in a cease and desist from Activision/Blizzard. Evidently when you are given tools to make custom mods to games you should be careful about making something too good. The author of the mod is hopeful that it’s just a trademark problem with the name of his mod, but few reasons for the C&D were given.” In other StarCraft news, reader glwtta recommends an article about how a Berkeley team won the world’s first StarCraft AI competition with code that can beat even pro-level human players.

Source: World of StarCraft Mod Gets C&D From Blizzard

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