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JFK Library Launches Largest Presidential Online Archive

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Lucas123 writes “The JFK Library launched what it is calling the largest presidential online archive, offering the public 117TB of data related to John F. Kennedy’s presidency. The four-year project digitized a plethora of analog material including 200,000 pages of documents; 300 reels of audio tape containing more than 1,245 individual recordings of telephone calls, speeches and meetings; 300 museum artifacts; 72 reels of film; and 1,500 photos. ‘As young people increasingly rely on the Internet as their primary source for information, it is our hope that the library’s online archive will allow a new generation to learn about this important chapter in American history,’ said Carolyn Kennedy, the wife of the late John F. Kennedy, Jr., who was on hand at the opening of the archive.”

Source: JFK Library Launches Largest Presidential Online Archive

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