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Bastardi’s Wager

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DesScorp writes “AccuWeather meteorologist Joe Bastardi has a challenge for climate scientists. He wants one or more of their rank to accept a bet about temperature trends in the coming decade. Bastardi is making specific predictions. ‘The scientific approach is: you see the other argument, you put forward predictions about where things are going to go, and you test them,’ he says. ‘That is what I have done. I have said the earth will cool .1 to .2 Celsius in the next ten years, according to objective satellite data.’ Bastardi’s challenge to his critics — who are legion — is to make their own predictions. And then wait. Climate science, he adds, ‘is just a big weather forecast.’ Bastardi’s challenge is reminiscent of the famous Simon-Ehrlich Wager, where the two men made specific predictions about resource scarcity in the 80′s.”

Source: Bastardi’s Wager

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