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Microsoft Slams Google Over HTML5 Video Decision

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jbrodkin writes “Microsoft is accusing Google of some heavy-handed tactics in the battle over HTML5 video standards. In an attempt at humor, a clearly peeved Microsoft official wrote ‘An Open Letter from the President of the United States of Google,’ which likens Google’s adoption of WebM instead of H.264 to an attempt to force a new language on the entire world. Internet Explorer 9, of course, supports the H.264 codec, while Google and Mozilla are backing WebM. The hyperlinks in Microsoft’s blog post lead readers to data indicating that two-thirds of Web videos are using H.264, with about another 25% using Flash VP6. However, the data, from Encoding.com, was released before the launch of WebM last May. One pundit predicts the battle will lead to yet another ‘years-long standards format war.’”

Source: Microsoft Slams Google Over HTML5 Video Decision

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