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Aussie City Braces For Worst Flood In 118 Years

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aesoteric writes “As parts of the Australian state of Queensland either experience or prepare for the worst floods to ravage the state in over 100 years, Australia’s techies have taken it upon themselves to keep communications services on as the crisis unfolds. One man is mirroring flood information from a faltering Brisbane City Council website, and others have opened WiFi channels in their neighbourhood whilst mobile signal gets choked. But there is major damage to telco networks — at least one major fibre link has been severed by flood waters, telephone exchanges have been knocked offline and cell towers put on battery or generator back-up (or offline altogether). On a sombre note, the floods have claimed 10 lives, including children, and 78 people are still missing after facing a torrent of water up to 8 metres (26 feet) high.”

Source: Aussie City Braces For Worst Flood In 118 Years

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