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OMG/JK: I Wonder If The Verizon iPhone Comes In Red

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It’s time for your favorite part of the week: the new episode of OMG/JK, featuring fellow TechCrunch writer MG Siegler and myself talking about the hottest stories in tech. And this episode’s a great one (though that should come as no surprise).

This has been a remarkable week in technology news, especially when it comes to the iPhone and Android (which, as you may have noticed, happen to be subjects MG and I like to talk about). In this episode we go over the impending release of the iPhone on Verizon (I’ve never seen MG more giddy), the Amazon Android App Store (say that three times fast), the new video demo of Android’s tablet OS Honeycomb, and Apple’s new Mac App Store.

This is also a special episode because it only features one camera (the rest of them are down at CES). It’s sort of like being on a ride. Or something. Yeah, we’ll go with that.

Here are some articles relevant to the topics we discuss:

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Source: OMG/JK: I Wonder If The Verizon iPhone Comes In Red

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