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Internet Downloading Costs To Rise In Canada

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An anonymous reader writes “According to CBC News, ‘Surfing and downloading from the internet is about to get more expensive for many Canadians as internet companies Shaw and Primus have announced plans to impose new fees and caps on internet usage. Over the past year, the CRTC, Canada’s communication regulator, let Bell and Rogers start charging extra for customers who download a lot of data. … Primus and Shaw have said they will begin passing on higher fees to their customers beginning Feb. 1. Primus, for example, rents bandwidth on Bell’s networks and said Bell is inflating the costs for everyone, including them. ‘It’s an economic disincentive for internet use,’ said Matt Stein, vice-president of network services for Primus. ‘It’s not meant to recover costs. In fact these charges that Bell has levied are many, many, many times what it costs to actually deliver it.’”

Source: Internet Downloading Costs To Rise In Canada

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