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Twitter For Mac: Stripped Down And Meh

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The Mac App Store just launched this morning (it is a separate app store from what’s in iTunes that comes with the latest update to Mac OS X), and already the top free app is Twitter for Mac. I just installed it and started to play around with it. My first impression is meh.

Twitter for Mac is a stripped down version of the excellent Twitter for iPad app. Imagine if you took just the left-hand stream column in the Twitter for iPad app and launched that as a widget on your desktop. It feels like a half-hearted attempt to me. I’ll give it this: it is very fast, and it stays out of the way. But it is jarring because it doesn’t operate the same way that Twitter for iPad, or even Twitter.com operates. When you click on a Tweet with a link, it doesn’t expand into a second pane with the page opened underneath like the iPad app does. Instead it launches a new tab in your browser. That is a recipe for tab overload. Also, there is no indication when a Tweet is in reply to another Tweet, and as far as I can tell no conversation view.

The rest of the app is fine. You can see your stream, mentions, direct messages, lists, profile, and search. You can reply to individual Tweets, favorite them or Retweet them. And that’s about it. Maybe that is all you need. But when you have the full capabilities of your desktop computer, scrimping on features doesn’t make much sense. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by the richer features of Twitter on the Web and on the iPad. I think I’ll stick with those for now.

Source: Twitter For Mac: Stripped Down And Meh

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