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CES 2011: Live From The Show Floor

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Today is the day. Today is the day where we can put the nonsense of yesterday’s press events behind us and actually get on the floor of CES 2011 with our Ustream equipment. Hallelujah.

The show technically opens at 10:00am, but we’re kicking off the day with a live interview with Ford’s superstar CEO, Alan Mulally at 9:00 in Ford’s North Hall booth. We have twenty minutes with the man, so please, drop any questions you may have in the comments below concerning Ford’s roll in vehicle technology, the auto maker’s stance on EVs, or anything else, really. We’re certainly going to ask Detroit’s top car guy how he feels about the new US Top Gear series.

After the Mulally interview, we’re going to hit the show floor hard and fast with our Ustream equipment. There’s a lot to see here and we only have a couple short days to bring it all. So yeah, click over to CES.CrunchGear.com for the latest news and the live Ustream feed, which we’ll fire up at 9:00am PST today.

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