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Unwise — Search History of Murder Methods

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nonprofiteer writes “Mark Jensen’s home computer revealed Internet searches for botulism, poisoning, pipe bombs and mercury fulminate. A website was visited that explained how to reverse the polarity of a swimming pool — the Jensens had a pool — by switching the wires around, likening the result to the 4th of July. The State pointed out the absence of Internet searches on topics like separation, divorce, child custody or marital property. Julie Jensen died as a result of ethylene glycol in her system, an ingredient found in antifreeze. On the morning of her death, someone attempted to ‘double-delete’ (apparently unsuccessfully) the computer’s browsing history, which included a search for ‘ethylene glycol poisoning.’” What if searches for devious, undetectable methods of murder were in everyone’s history?

Source: Unwise — Search History of Murder Methods

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