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Hungarian Officials Can Now Censor the Media

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An anonymous reader writes “Hungary is set to regulate the media, including web-published content, under a new law applicable today. The law requires all the media to provide a ‘balanced view’ and must not go against ‘public morality,’ and places all publications under the control of a new regulating body, whose top members have all been nominated by Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Orban, whose strong ways have been compared to Putin’s, has been tightening his grip over Hungary. ‘In the seven months since Orban came to power with a two-thirds parliamentary majority, he has implemented retroactive taxes in violation of the constitution, curbed the Constitutional Court’s power, effectively nationalized private pension funds and put ruling-party allies in charge of at least four independent institutions, including the audit office.’ Citizens sentenced in application of the new law can still challenge it at the European Court of Human Rights — see you in a few years.”

Source: Hungarian Officials Can Now Censor the Media

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