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Wikileaks and Democracy In Zimbabwe

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OCatenac writes “The Atlantic has an interesting story on the collateral damage of exposing diplomatic communications in Zimbabwe. From the article: ‘The reaction in Zimbabwe was swift. Zimbabwe’s Mugabe-appointed attorney general announced he was investigating the Prime Minister on treason charges based exclusively on the contents of the leaked cable. While it’s unlikely Tsvangirai could be convicted on the contents of the cable alone, the political damage has already been done. The cable provides Mugabe the opportunity to portray Tsvangirai as an agent of foreign governments working against the people of Zimbabwe. Furthermore, it could provide Mugabe with the pretense to abandon the coalition government that allowed Tsvangirai to become prime minister in 2009.’ Undoubtedly there are lots of things that our governments hide from us which should not be hidden but it’s a shame that no one from Wikileaks could be troubled to consider the potential repercussions of this particular exposure.”

Source: Wikileaks and Democracy In Zimbabwe

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