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Cheaters Exposed Analyzing Statistical Anomalies

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Hugh Pickens writes “Proctors and teachers can’t watch everyone while they take tests — not when some students can text with their phones in their pockets, so with tests increasingly important in education — used to determine graduation, graduate school admission and, the latest, merit pay and tenure for teachers, Trip Gabriel writes that schools are turning to “data forensics” to catch cheaters, searching for data anomalies where the chances of random agreement are astronomical. In addition to looking for copying, statisticians hunt for illogical patterns, like test-takers who did better on harder questions than easy ones, a sign of advance knowledge of part of a test or look for unusually large score gains from a previous test by a student or class. Since Caveon Test Security, whose clients have included the College Board, the Law School Admission Council and more than a dozen states and big city school districts, began working for the state of Mississippi in 2006, cheating has declined about 70 percent, says James Mason, director of the State Department of Education’s Office of Student Assessment. “People know that if you cheat there is an extremely high chance you’re going to get caught,” says Mason.”

Source: Cheaters Exposed Analyzing Statistical Anomalies

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