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France Planning Non-Windows Tablet Tax?

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An anonymous reader writes “Lots of countries around the world have private copying ‘levies,’ which are effectively taxes on products that store data, which is put into a pool to be handed out to copyright holders, as a sort of payment for the ‘copying’ that individuals do. This was quite popular with blank CDRs, for example, but has been expanded in certain countries to cover hard drives, iPods and other such devices. Over in France, they’re looking to expand the levy to tablet computers, but apparently if that tablet computer is running Microsoft Windows, it will be exempted from the tax. iPads and Android-powered tablets will have the tax. Why? Well, the argument is that if a tablet is running Windows, it’s really a ‘computer.’ But if it’s running one of those ‘mobile’ operating systems, suddenly it’s a brand new category. Not surprisingly, makers of Android tablets — including the French company Archos — are not at all happy about this.”

Source: France Planning Non-Windows Tablet Tax?

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