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UWall.Tv Turns YouTube Into Your Own MTV

December 25th, 2010 12:33 admin Leave a comment Go to comments

Frustrated with how difficult it is to search YouTube for music videos, Argentinian web developer and Taggify.net co-founder Sebastian Vaggi has created UWall.tv. UWall.tv allows you to search YouTube by artist, song or by music category like Vevo, with the added benefit of creating a custom music video playlist based on your search. You can also share your UWall.tv music video finds on Facebook.

Once you set it motion, Uwall.tv plays your search-derived playlist chronologically without you having to refresh, whether you’re in full screen mode or not. Vaggi plans on creating more music categories and listing albums as well as artists and songs.

UWall.Tv is a simple solution for all those holiday parties spent drunkenly fumbling around YouTube for Jonathan Mann’s Greatest Hits. Take advantage of it while (or “if “for those in non-copyright compatible countries) you still can.

Source: UWall.Tv Turns YouTube Into Your Own MTV

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