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ScienceFiction.com Aims To Become The “TechCrunch Of Sci-Fi”

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When domain name investor and blogger Patrick Rudell (aka Chef Patrick) came across the name ScienceFiction.com, he couldn’t resist: he dropped $175,000 to buy it.

The domain name had been held back by a finance company called Domain Capital due to a defaulted loan, and Rudell contacted two sci-fi geek friends to turn it into a business.

Fast forward to today, and ScienceFiction.com has launched as a way for fans to access information about all things science fiction, ranging from movies, TV shows, games, books, comic books and technology.

Or, as Rudell puts it (and not us): the “TechCrunch of Science Fiction”.

The goal of ScienceFiction.com is to offer top quality news, reviews and interviews about the world of sci-fi and fantasy.

Rudell tells me he’ll handle the business side of things, while one of his partners, who he adds has a journalism degree and has been writing for 20+ years, will take care of the editorial part of the equation. He also says they have a couple of other writers lined up and ready to go.

If you’re interested in all things science fiction, head on over there and subscribe.

Source: ScienceFiction.com Aims To Become The “TechCrunch Of Sci-Fi”

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