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ITC Investigates Xbox 360 After Motorola Complaint

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FlorianMueller writes “The US International Trade Commission, which is increasingly popular as a patent enforcement agency, voted to investigate a complaint filed by Motorola against Microsoft last month. Motorola claims that the Xbox infringes five of its patents. In October, Microsoft complained against Motorola, alleging patent infringement by its Android-based smartphones. Apple, Nokia and HTC are also involved with ITC investigations as complainants and respondents. A new one-page overview document shows the ongoing ITC investigations related to smartphones and the products that the complainants would like to have banned from entry into the US market. The good news is that any import bans won’t be ordered until long after Christmas. The ITC is faster than courts, but not that fast.”

Source: ITC Investigates Xbox 360 After Motorola Complaint

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