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Google Declines To Turn Over Harvested Wi-Fi Data

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An anonymous reader writes “Google declined to submit data collected as part of the ‘Spy-Fi’ flap, and Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is now promising further action: ‘”I certainly will be pressing for continued involvement at the federal level in coordination with the states,” Blumenthal told Politico Monday, just days after promising to explore “additional enforcement actions” if Google does not share the data soon. Asked to describe what those federal efforts might include, the outgoing attorney general said, “There’s a range of potential opportunities for oversight and scrutiny by a member of the US Congress – including letters, meetings, hearings, and potentially even legislation.” For its part, Google has tried to defuse the issue by offering to delete the data. The company reaffirmed that position in a Friday statement, promising to work with Blumenthal in the coming weeks, but declined to comment further on Monday.’”

Source: Google Declines To Turn Over Harvested Wi-Fi Data

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