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mSpot Brings Cloud-Based Streaming Music Service To iPhones

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Mobile entertainment startup mSpot is bringing its free music cloud service that allows you sync your entire music collection across mobile phones and PCs/Macs to iPhones with the launch of a new app. Since the service’s public launch in June, mSpot has seen over 1 million downloads of a similar app for Android phones.

mSpot’s application allows users to upload their music to the mSpot Cloud and then listen to the music from both
desktop browsers and iPhones for free.

The application works in the background of your computer and phone managing the upload and day-to-day syncing of your music library. In addition, it can upload metadeta along with music, including playlists, coverart, ratings and song information you may have entered using iTunes. The application will also make automatic updates whenever changes occur in your library, re-sync music when new songs are added, across different connected devices.

Other features of the iPhone app include continuous playback, the ability to see lyrics of songs, and a “Streaming only†option for users who want to save all the storage on their mobiles for other media.

mSpot offers free storage for the first 2 gigabytes (approximately 1600 songs). Users can also pay around $3.99 per month for 40 GB of music in the cloud, which includes roughly 32,000 songs.

The bonus of using mSpot is the ability to access your music from a variety of devices, because it lives in the cloud (as opposed to iTunes). Of course, mSpot would face competition from Apple if the company ever decided to launch a cloud-based version of iTunes. We’ve been expecting this to happen for sometime now, but until then mSpot could be a good option. And it’s free.

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