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Canadian Supreme Court To Decide If Linking Is Publishing

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An anonymous reader writes “Will Canada become a black hole in cyberspace? Or will it remain a country of which former prime minister Wilfred Laurier once said, ‘Canada is free and freedom is its nationality.’ According to p2pnet’s Jon Newton, that’ll be for the nine members of the federal Supreme Court to decide. Newton was sued by ex-Green Party of Canada financier Wayne Crookes for allegedly defaming him by linking to a story Crookes didn’t like. Newton is now back home on Vancouver Island after traveling to Ottawa for the SCC hearing. Was it win or lose? It’s an ‘Epic Fail’ for Crookes, Newton says. The Supreme Court reserved its decision. Its rulings are ‘typically released six to eight months after a hearing,’ according to the CBC in its report on the case. Says Ars Technica, ‘As CIPPIC puts it, if Newton loses, the ruling could “chill hyperlinking which in turn undermines the communicative force of the Internet and deters innovation of new, expression-enhancing platforms that may not develop due to fear of defamation actions.”‘”

Source: Canadian Supreme Court To Decide If Linking Is Publishing

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