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EC Calls For End To Mobile Roaming Charges

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An anonymous reader writes “European travellers who use their mobile phones abroad could soon see a dramatic reduction in their bills, after the European Commission announced plans to eradicate roaming charges by 2015. In a consultation paper launched yesterday, the EC invited consumers, businesses, telecom operators and public authorities to evaluate the EU’s existing roaming rules, and to share their ideas on the best ways to boost competition in roaming services. ‘Huge differences between domestic and roaming charges have no place in a true EU Single Market,’ said vice-president of the European Commission for the Digital Agenda, Neelie Kroes. ‘We need to address the source of current problems, namely a lack of competition, and to find a durable solution. But we are keeping an open mind on exactly what solution would work.’”

Source: EC Calls For End To Mobile Roaming Charges

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