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Researchers Tracking Emerging ‘Darkness’ Botnet

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Trailrunner7 writes “Researchers are tracking a new botnet that has become one of the more active DDoS networks on the Internet since its emergence early last month. The botnet, dubbed ‘Darkness,’ is being controlled by several domains hosted in Russia and its operators are boasting that it can take down large sites with as few as 1,000 bots. The Darkness botnet is seen as something of a successor to the older Black Energy and Illusion botnets and researchers at the Shadowserver Foundation took a look at the network’s operation and found that it is capable of generating large volumes of attack traffic. ‘Upon testing, it was observed that the throughput of the attack traffic directed simultaneously at multiple sites was quite impressive,’ Shadowserver’s analysts wrote in a report on the Darkness botnet. ‘It now appears that “Darkness” is overtaking Black Energy as the DDoS bot of choice. There are many ads and offers for DDoS services using “Darkness.” It is regularly updated and improved and of this writing is up to version 7. There also appear to be no shortage of buyers looking to add “Darkness” to their botnet arsenal.’”

Source: Researchers Tracking Emerging ‘Darkness’ Botnet

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