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Digging Into the WikiLeaks Cables

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A number of readers have sent in new WikiLeaks stories today, many of which focus on the content of the leaked diplomatic cables. The documents showed how the US government bullied and manipulated other countries to gain support for its Copenhagen climate treaty (though behavior from the US wasn’t all negative), how copyright negotiations largely meet the expectations of critics like Michael Geist, and how Intel threatened to move jobs out of Russia if the Russian government didn’t loosen encryption regulations. Perhaps the biggest new piece of information is a list of facilities the US considers ‘vital to security.’ Meanwhile, the drama surrounding WikiLeaks continues; Julian Assange’s Swiss bank account has been frozen and the UK has received an arrest warrant for the man himself; the effort to mirror the site has gained support from Pirate Parties in Australia, in the UK and elsewhere; and PayPal was hit with a DDoS for their decision not to accept donations for WikiLeaks.

Source: Digging Into the WikiLeaks Cables

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