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Is ‘Quadroid’ the New ‘Wintel’?

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CWmike writes “‘Wintel’ is the term that for years defined Windows-based computers running Intel chips. Now a similar expression is emerging for smartphones: ‘Quadroid,’ a term that refers to the Qualcomm chips used inside smartphones running the Android mobile operating system. The term, recently coined in a report by the PRTM consultancy, could catch on, largely because Qualcomm provides 77% of the chips in phones running Google’s Android, which is expected to take the No. 2 slot in 2010. And the Quadroid alliance is expected to grow. Like Wintel has for PCs, Quadroid could push down profit margins for smartphone manufacturers, some analysts say. That might seem like a good thing to consumers, but may not be so good for many phone makers.”

Source: Is ‘Quadroid’ the New ‘Wintel’?

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