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TechCrunch Classics

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Techcrunch has published thousands of blog posts over its nearly 5 and a half years. Many are good one-day stories, some we’d like to forget, but others are gems. These classics are just as interesting today as when they were first written.

Why Michael is a pirate. The age of process journalism. The best ways you can get blogged. Our first AOL official meeting. Plus, some of the major news we broke.

But try discovering them. It’s nearly impossible. That’s one of the downsides of a reverse chronology blog.

There is a solution. Presenting TechCrunch Classics. A page that will keep an updated list of memorable and favorite posts. The page will live at: techcrunch.com/classics.

Our new corporate overlords (er, AOL) are starting to bring us first-time TechCrunch readers. This should be a good introduction for our newbies. It should be a good resource for our long-time readers as well.

Below is a copy of the current page.

Techcrunch Classics

Some of the Stories We’ve Broken

Michael Arrington’s Favorites

Erick Schonfeld’s Favorites

MG Siegler’s Favorites

Jason Kincaid’s Favorites

Alexia Tsotsis’s Favorites

Paul Carr’s Favorite posts by Sarah Lacy

Sarah Lacy’s Favorite posts by Paul Carr

Leena Rao’s Favorites

Mike Butcher’s Favorites

Robin Wauters’s Favorites

Photo credit: Flickr/David Masters

Source: TechCrunch Classics

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