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Verizon Buys #CyberMonday From Twitter

November 29th, 2010 11:56 admin Leave a comment Go to comments

It looks like Verizon has bought the promoted trend “#CyberMonday” to mark the Monday after Black Friday and Thanksgiving when consumers look to the web for exclusive holiday deals. This buy follows another significant Promoted Trend this past Friday, when Target bought “#BlackFriday” on Twitter.

As with any purchased Promoted Trend on Twitter, when users click on CyberMonday, they will be see a sponsored Tweet from Verizon, which states “Starting today, Verizon’s giving you 24 days of Seasonal Surprises! Unwrap an exclusive deal now!” The Tweet contains a link to the company’s “Seasonal Surprises” campaign, which encourages users to Tweet Verizon’s message or post the message on Facebook to unlock an exclusive deal.

It’s unclear how much Verizon or Target spent on the Promoted Trend, but it’s certainly a compelling way to publicize deals during the holiday shopping rush when users are looking online for deals and discounts. And the form of advertising is becoming a visible source of revenue for Twitter as well-known brands flock to buy Promoted Trends.

Source: Verizon Buys #CyberMonday From Twitter

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