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There Goes Everything: A handy guide to all the things that are “dead”

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I’m sitting on a flight back from New York, finally catching up on my TechCrunch reading after a busy few weeks. And – my God – it’s like walking through a post-genocide landscape.

Everywhere I look lies the bloated corpse of another service, technology or thing that a TechCrunch writer has declared dead.

For the benefit of any other TechCrunch readers who are struggling to keep up, I thought it might be useful to write a quick post aggregating all of the things that – according to us – are now officially dead. Here goes….

Point and shoot cameras

Talking to people

Publishing embargoes

Subject lines

A magazine

Email (maybe)

The MP3


The phone call

Email (again)

Headphone cables

US News & World Report

HireHive, SellIt And Rudder

My MacBook Pro

My MacBook Pro

The CD


It’s hard to imagine there’s much left to kill after all that; and yet…. just in case you’re busy for the next few weeks – Thanksgiving, Christmas and all that stuff – here’s a quick summary of some of the other things we’ll be declaring dead before the year is out…

DVD players
Text messaging
Scientific calculators
The US Postal Service
Christmas cards
Spoilers on cars
Lawn ornaments
The letter “u”
Sprayable cheese
Skype headsets
Movies starring Bradley Cooper
Teenage angst
The word “stoked”

…and probably email a couple more times.

Source: There Goes Everything: A handy guide to all the things that are “dead”

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