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Facebook App Downloaded Over 100 Million Times From GetJar’s App Store

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Seven months after reaching the 50 million download mark, Facebook’s mobile applications have been downloaded by more than 100 million people on GetJar, the vendor and carrier neutral, platform-agnostic app store.

This should make Facebook the most downloaded mobile application ever through a single app store.

Facebook uses GetJar’s App It! link, which enables users to jump to the download page of a particular app in one tap, regardless of their phone make or model. Other brands using this service include Yahoo, Fandango, Photobucket and OpenTable.

GetJar hopes its App It! service will become as ubiquitous as placing Facebook “like” and retweet buttons on publishers’ sites, giving them a way to lead people interested in their mobile applications to a single download page with a straightforward URL (http://getjar.com/appname), after which GetJar will detect which app is most fit for the device accessing the page and provide a way to instantly download it.

Every app that is uploaded to GetJar will automatically get its own App It! URL. The company recently said it is currently seeing over 3 million downloads per day, on par with Nokia’s Ovi Store. GetJar also says it has seen over 1 billion downloads to date, thus 1/10 for the Facebook apps alone.

GetJar also provided some interesting stats on the most popular platforms for the Facebook mobile apps, at least as far as their open store goes. The company says that, while Android is the fastest growing platform, over 50 percent of the 100 million Facebook downloads were downloaded to Nokia handsets.

Source: Facebook App Downloaded Over 100 Million Times From GetJar’s App Store

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