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Coupons.com Reaches $1 Billion In Coupons Printed, Growing At A Rate 5x That Of Newspapers

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Bag o' couponsphoto © 2010 sdc2027 | more info (via: Wylio)For the first time ever in a year, digital coupon platform Coupons.com has surpassed a billion dollars in printed coupon savings. A milestone for the company and the entire digital coupons industry, this growth further validates the burgeoning coupon and digital deals space which has been brought into the spotlight recently through the proliferation of sites like Groupon and Livingsocial.

The company also released data for their coupon distribution during first 9 months of this year. Coupons.com printed out $854 million in savings during the period between January 1st and September 30th. This represents a 57% growth over last year’s $534 million in savings, at more than 5x the 11% growth rate of newspaper coupons during the same period.

Coupons.com CEO Steven Boal explains the unprecedented growth as directly stemming from the recession, which has motivated us to seek out deals on almost everything.

“Digital coupons continue to grow in popularity with consumers and brand marketers, driven by many factors including economic pressures felt by consumers and the increasing propensity for them to look across the digital domain—on the Web, in social media, mobile environments, etcetera—for money-saving offers.â€

The top 10 most popular coupon categories among Coupons.com users were cereal, yogurt, refrigerated dough, snacks (in both the #4 and #8 slots), vegetables, baby needs, soup, lunch meats, and good ole cheese at #1o. Savings printed in October was over $128 million, the highest amount ever recorded by a company in a single month.

Mountain View-based Coupons.com is currently the 61st largest web property in the United States and number one in the coupons/rewards category according to Nielsen. The company also is responsible for the Grocery iQ and Coupons.com apps and provides coupons for Scanbuy’s Scanlife and the Pushpins mobile app.

Source: Coupons.com Reaches $1 Billion In Coupons Printed, Growing At A Rate 5x That Of Newspapers

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