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Bionic Elephant’s Trunk, Manta Rays and Jelly Fish

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Zothecula writes “Festo, the automation company that designed the bionic penguin and its robotic stablemates – AirRay, AquaRay, AirJelly and AquaJelly – has found another natural model in its latest application of biomimicry – the elephant’s trunk. Festo’s Bionic Learning Network research program focuses on mechatronic and bionic concepts using nature as a model. ‘The AquaJelly is possibly the most interesting of all the bionic creatures as it has been designed to autonomously emulate swarming behavior of wild jellyfish. Like the others, it consists of an electric drive unit and intelligent adaptive mechanism, but with a control board housed by a translucent dome, a water-tight body and eight tentacles. The control board has pressure, light and radio sensors that work with eight blue and eight white LEDs allowing communication between the AquaJellies.’”

Source: Bionic Elephant’s Trunk, Manta Rays and Jelly Fish

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