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MPAA Dismisses COICA Free Speech Concerns

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An anonymous reader writes “The EFF has gone into detail about why it opposes ‘The Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act,’ or COICA. It has the potential to give the Department of Justice the power to shut down any domestic website, or block any foreign website it so chooses, setting the stage for Internet censorship in the United States. Addressing the free speech concerns, MPAA chief Bob Pisano dismissed the First Amendment issues, saying ‘…the First Amendment was not intended as a shield for those who steal, irrespective of the means.’”

Source: MPAA Dismisses COICA Free Speech Concerns

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  • me

    What a f*****g pig. Hows that for your free speech bob? Probably another slimy democratic trying to limit our rights. FUCK the MPAA.


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