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More Hints Of iPhone Coming To Verizon

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White iPhone

Folks at CoverWeb had initially published a photo, claiming to be Verizon’s white iPhone 4 with a redesigned antenna and no SIM card slot. But they’ve later updated the post to say that they are skeptical about the photo.

Meanwhile, folks at CultOfMac have noticed an interesting tweet from Verizon Careers, which is apparently an official Twitter account, which indicates that iPhone is coming to the Verizon.

CoverWeb initially reported:

What’s on the image?
1. The lack of a SIM card slot (Verizon doesn’t use SIM cards)
2. A new antenna design (Goodbye Antennagate)
3. The Verizon symbol as a network in the upper left of the screen.

White iPhone

But they have later updated the post to say that it might be fake:

I know that it might be (probably) fake, at least it brings the real specs of the Verizon iPhone 4. Let’s hope it’s not fake.

Meanwhile folks at 9to5Mac have noticed the following tweet from one of Verizon’s official Twitter account. 9to5Mac reports:

The operator of Verizon Careers’ Twitter account pimped their recent addition of the iPad to their mobile line-up, and was then asked by Twitter user slink317 for an “iPhone hint?”

Verizon Career’s response accompanied a retweet of slinky123′s question: “yes that is the latest scoop.”

Verizon Twitter

The tweet is quite cryptic if you ask us but interestingly, the tweet has since been pulled.

What do you think? Are you waiting for Verizon to start offering the iPhone?

[via CultOfMac, CoverWeb]

Source: More Hints Of iPhone Coming To Verizon

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