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Hulu Shaves $2 Off The Monthly Price Of Hulu Plus, Will Refund Early Adopters

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Hulu has formally launched its premium online video subscription service Hulu Plus after a preview period. Subscribers will be able to stream TV shows from ABC, FOX, NBC, and more to computers, internet-connected television sets and Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, mobile phones, and tablets.

Pleasant surprise for those who are interested: the monthly subscription price has dropped from $9.99 to $7.99, a 20 percent cut. Pleasant surprise for those who already signed up for Hulu Plus: early adopters will get a credit for the difference from the $9.99 preview price to be applied automatically to their next billing cycle.

Starting today, all new subscribers to Hulu Plus will also receive a 1-week free trial.

In addition, Hulu has announced that its premium streaming service will be available on more devices (the company claims that, combined, all supported devices boast an installed base of over 50 million in the U.S.).

Here’s the list, from the press release:

- Connected TV and Blu-Ray players: Samsung, Sony BRAVIA® HDTVs and connected Blu-ray Disc™ Players, and coming soon: LG Electronics, Panasonic, VIZIO
– Connected Set-top Boxes: Roku, Sony Network Media Player, and coming soon: TiVo Premiere DVRs, Western Digital’s WD TV Live Hub Media Center and WD TV Live Plus Network Media Player
- Gaming Consoles: PlayStation® 3, and coming soon: Xbox 360
- Mobile Devices: Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod touch
- Other network appliances: Sony Dash

HD-available programs will stream to users in 720p on capable devices.

Hulu says it will continue to announce additional supported devices and platforms (Android, anyone?) in the coming months, as well as grow its library with more content continuously.

Source: Hulu Shaves $2 Off The Monthly Price Of Hulu Plus, Will Refund Early Adopters

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