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Bit.ly Bundles Multiple Links Into One Short URL

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There is a simple rule on the Internet when it comes to passing links around: the easier it is to share links, the more links will be shared. Bit.ly and other URL shorteners proved this with their billions of links repackaged for a 140-character world. Today, bit.ly will be introducing a new feature called bit,ly bundles which lets you shorten a bunch of links into one single bit.ly link. Don’t pretend like this isn’t your dream come true.

The company created the Xtranormal promo video above, which features a tech nerd who is really excited about the bundles trying to explain what they are to a cute girl:

GuyL It is the newest thing in the Internet, it will change your life.

Girl: Go away
. . .
Guy: I am looking forward to sharing my bundles with you.

Girl: Hold still while I get my mace out.

The bundle link will take you to a preview page with headlines, excerpts, photos, and videos pulled from the underlying websites. Each bundle page also has stats on how many times it’s been viewed, and a list of the original links. It is basically a way to create thematic collections and share them. Here is a screenshot:

Source: Bit.ly Bundles Multiple Links Into One Short URL

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