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RockMelt — Right Browser, Wrong Platform?

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waderoush writes “A detailed Xconomy software review concludes that the new RockMelt browser is a labor-saver for heavy users of the desktop social Web, but it doesn’t fully deliver on the startup’s promise to build a browser ‘designed around you and how you use the Web.’ That’s because the social Web is less and less about the PC desktop, and more about mobile platforms and appliances like smartphones, tablets, and Internet-connected TVs. What’s missing today is software that can help bridge the gap: ‘I’m not really looking for more reasons to spend time using my desktop browser,’ the review states. ‘Rather, I’m busy offloading as many old PC-centric tasks as I can to my other devices. It’s nice to have better integration between Facebook, Twitter, news feeds, search, and standard Web content on the desktop. But what’s really needed right now is better integration between the desktop social Web and the mobile social Web.’”

Source: RockMelt — Right Browser, Wrong Platform?

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