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iSwifter App Brings Flash Content To Apple’s iPad

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While Apple’s standoff with Adobe continues, companies like Skyfire and now YouWeb are making life somewhat easier for Adobe Flash fans with an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch by bringing “some†sort of flash support to iOS devices.

Days after the successful debut of Skyfire browser app on the App Store, another application called iSwifter has arrived for iPad users. 

iSwifter has been around for the past few months in the form of an app that could play a few flash based games. The new version of the application gets support for streaming flash videos as well from sites like Ted Talks, MUZU, JamboTV Sports, Green.TV, Aol Games.com, Facebook, Kongregate and more - in effect, making it a competitor to Skyfire.

While Skyfire can display flash videos, note that it cannot do so “as it isâ€. Skyfire uses its own servers to compress and re-encode the video to a format that the iPhone can understand. This led to a rather annoying problem. The launch of the App created so much hype that Skyfire servers could not cope with the increasing downloads and usage. In the end, Skyfire had to restrict the number of downloads for the app and even pulled it off the App Store briefly.

iSwifter will not be facing such an issue because the app limits video streaming access to only a few video sites. This effectively means the users would not be able to view sites of their choice and would be restricted to just a few access to just a handful of videos sites on the iPad.

If you are wondering how iSwifter managed to pass through the stringent checks at the pearly gates of the Apple App Store, that could happen only because of the way the flash service works. It is a cloud based service wherein a flash game is “streamed†directly to the target device – without the need to install it. In short, the application acts as a portal of sorts in which you can access and play any game (or content) available for download from within the portal. While this might be somewhat restrictive in nature, it does give the option for iPad users to play flash based games on their device. The selection of games too is niche because most games require either a mouse or a keyboard for controls. The iPad lacks both and hence only those games which can support touch responses are available as of now.

iSwifter is undoubtedly a great way for developers to target a market that they thought was closed for them. Since the app doesn’t violate the Apple App Store terms and conditions, developers can freely develop games tailor made for “closed†platforms and still be not worried about the prospect of it being rejected. This could also help in developing apps for multiple platforms without the need for coding for each of them separately.

You might want to download iSwifter (iTunes link) as soon as possible because the app will go paid after the first 2000 downloads.

As always, let us know what you think of iSwifter in the comments section below.

[Via VentureBeat]

Source: iSwifter App Brings Flash Content To Apple’s iPad

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