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E Ink’s Color “Triton” E-Paper Screens Make Their Debut

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We all knew this was coming, though whether the first to market would be the frontrunner, E Ink, or one of its competitors, has always been up in the air. Other color e-paper technologies have been bumbling along for years; Fujitsu’s FLEPia jumped the gun on color e-readers way back in 2008, and technologies from Ricoh and Qualcomm might easily have taken the lead.

But for now, it appears E Ink Inc. will maintain their grip on the e-reader market. Their Pearl greyscale displays are in all the major e-reader devices, and chances are that will continue to be the case for some time, as they have introduced a color e-paper display for commercial use well before their competition.

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Source: E Ink’s Color “Triton” E-Paper Screens Make Their Debut

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