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Microsoft Open Sources F#

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aabelro writes “Don Syme has announced the release of the F# compiler source code as a code drop under Apache 2.0. He wrote, ‘The F# PowerPack now includes libraries, tools and the compiler/library source code drops. I’d like to take a moment to explain the F# team’s approach to this. Firstly, the source for the F# compiler in our MSI/CTP releases has been available for some time, in the releases themselves, so in that sense there’s not much new in this release. Secondly, we’ve always made sure we have a free download binary release of F# available, and will continue to do that, and that should still be the main way you “get” a release of F#. However, we’ve long discussed making compiler+library source available in a different way. After some discussion, we’ve decided to do this via a “code drop” model, where we make available versions of the compiler+library code logically matching each release of the F# language itself.’”

Source: Microsoft Open Sources F#

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