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$2,000 Bounty For Open Source Xbox Kinect Drivers

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ptorrone writes “Open source hardware company Adafruit Industries is offering a $2,000 bounty for the first person or group to upload driver code and examples under an open source license to GitHub for the Xbox Kinect released yesterday. The Kinect sensor outputs video at a frame rate of 30Hz, with the RGB video stream at 32-bit color VGA resolution (640×480 pixels), and the monochrome video stream used for depth sensing at 16-bit QVGA resolution (320×240 pixels with 65,536 levels of sensitivity). The open hardware group would like to see this camera used for education, robotics and fun outside the Xbox.” The bounty was originally $1,000, but Microsoft’s dour response induced Adafruit to double it. (“With Kinect, Microsoft built in numerous hardware and software safeguards designed to reduce the chances of product tampering. Microsoft will continue to make advances in these types of safeguards and work closely with law enforcement and product safety groups to keep Kinect tamper-resistant.”) In addition, the Xbox 360 dashboard update that preceded Kinect’s launch contains upgraded anti-piracy restrictions.

Source: $2,000 Bounty For Open Source Xbox Kinect Drivers

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