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Twitter Now Has A D.C. Presence; Hires Adam Sharp As Government Liaison

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It looks like Twitter has just hired its first government liaison. New Twitter employee Katie Jacobs Stanton just Tweeted that Adam Sharp will be joining the company to help the “government better communicate with constituents.” Sharp confirmed his employment as well.

Sharp joined Twitter from C-SPAN, where he was the executive producer of digital services. He was also formerly a manager of eBusiness & Digitization at NBC News; Deputy Chief of Staff for Louisiana Senator Mary L. Landrieu and creative director and field producer at Alan Weiss Productions

According to a job post from Twitter earlier this year, Sharp will help government employees and politicians use Twitter in their everyday activities and also serve as a public policy liaison for the company. He will also be an advocate for government and political users within Twitter and encourage more political engagement among citizens on the microblogging network.

As we wrote in our initial coverage of the position, it’s not surprising that Twitter would want a presence in the Beltway. As more politicians flock to the microblogging network to engage with citizens, it makes sense for the company to have an evangelist to help aid this process. Sharp seems to have a background in both political media and U.S. politics, so he should be well equipped to guide politicians. With the 2012 presidential elections ahead, Sharp should be plenty busy with politicians looking to use the platform as a communications and fundraising tool. And it doesn’t hurt to have a representative serving Twitter’s policy interests in the area as well.

Facebook hired Andrew Noyes last year as a communications rep for the company, and opened up a D.C. office as well.

Source: Twitter Now Has A D.C. Presence; Hires Adam Sharp As Government Liaison

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