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Aussie Research Company Brings Wi-Fi To TV Antenna

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joshgnosis writes “The CSIRO has unveiled new technology that could bring internet to people in rural or remote parts of Australia using their existing TV antennas. Analog TV signal is set to be switched off in 2013 but this technology could see the spectrum used to deliver internet straight into people’s homes through their TV antenna. Gartner expert Robin Simpson told ZDNet Australia that this would make it much easier for companies to get new customers. “What appeals to me about it is that it re-uses existing infrastructure, all of the competing wireless technologies tend to use high frequencies and therefore require new base stations, new spectrum and new receiving antenna infrastructure as well,” he said. “The fact that they’re re-using the analog TV stuff gives them a much easier market entry strategy.”"

Source: Aussie Research Company Brings Wi-Fi To TV Antenna

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