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Verizon To Pay $25M For Years of ‘Mystery Fees’

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Ponca City writes “The Washington Post reports that The FCC has reached a record $25 million settlement with Verizon Wireless over the company’s wrongly charging subscribers “mystery” Internet fees over the past several years — the largest settlement in FCC history. With the action, Verizon Wireless’s total costs associated with false data fees reached $77.8 million, one of the largest payouts for false business practices in the communications services industry. ‘People shouldn’t find mystery fees when they open their phone bills — and they certainly shouldn’t have to pay for services they didn’t want and didn’t use,’ says FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski. ‘In these rough economic times, every $1.99 counts.’ Verizon Wireless said in a news release that its overcharges were inadvertent. ‘We accept responsibility for those errors, and apologize to our customers who received accidental data charges on their bills.’”

Source: Verizon To Pay $25M For Years of ‘Mystery Fees’

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