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Ray Ozzie’s Departing Memo a Warning To Microsoft

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itwbennett writes “In a parting memo to Microsoft, Ray Ozzie urges Microsoft to ‘really, truly, seriously start thinking beyond the PC,’ writes blogger Chris Nurney. Nurney suspects that ‘Ozzie has been making these points internally for some time,’ and that the memo ‘could be his way of putting it in the public record.’ Some of the memo’s juicy bits: ‘It’s important that all of us do precisely what our competitors and customers will ultimately do: close our eyes and form a realistic picture of what a post-PC world might actually look like, if it were to ever truly occur. … Today’s PCs, phones & pads are just the very beginning; we’ll see decades to come of incredible innovation from which will emerge all sorts of “connected companions” that we’ll wear, we’ll carry, we’ll use on our desks & walls and the environment all around us.’”

Source: Ray Ozzie’s Departing Memo a Warning To Microsoft

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