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Gosling Reacts To Apple’s Java Deprecation

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Kurofuneparry writes Apple has announced that Java is deprecated as of the most recent update to OS X. This shot across the bow is getting some responses. To Jobs’ claim that ‘Sun (now Oracle) supplies Java for all other platforms,’ James Gosling is quoted as saying that ‘simply isn’t true.’ Much talk of a coming turf war is to be had. This certainly can’t be unrelated to statements from Jobs recently covered on this website and is sure to make waves. Apple has enjoyed significant success recently accompanied by a widespread sense that they can do no wrong in business or design. However, is deprecating Java a mistake? It doesn’t take much insight to connect the dots and see that Apple has starting marking friends and enemies relative to the increasingly heated fight for mobile and other platforms.”

Source: Gosling Reacts To Apple’s Java Deprecation

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  • O_o_hhnoo

    It already began with my Mac Computer, running on OSX 10.6.5 with Intel processor.

    I am a normal devoted Mac user since 1998…. and had regarded Mac as the utopian & ideal Software + Hardware balance in the world… Beleiving that NO VIRUS, NO EXTRA BLOATWARES, NO FUSS mantras will conquer all. I had just bought a new iMac and was truly happy living my digital life…..

    UNTIL, I tried unsuccessfully to INSTALL a normally ‘compliant’ software from the net.
    Repeated trashing+downloading different versions of it yielded NIL; as my installer won’t start – citing : (You can’t open the app because there is no Java runtime on this computer.) WTF? I thought apple is ALL-COMPLETE & NO-FUSS sleekness-of-a-machine & here i was faced with a \NO JAVA\ popup which CAN’T BE DOWNLOADED anywhere on e net?? Weirddddd… and thus began my QUEST of how an innocent \Java Runtime Error\ may be fix (or not)…. and then I only found out about the whole ugly \Appple dpereciating JAVA on OSX 10.6 bla3…\ chatter on developers’ blogs.

    I’m neither a developer nor a programmer; and can’t taste e diff between a Cocoa vs Java. But this stupid news never go mainstream and now Apple’s users are faced w a stinking problems they don’t unuderstand.

    Sigh… so much for the dream!


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