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NASA Strikes Gold and Water On the Moon

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tcd004 writes “The PBS NewsHour reports: there is water on the moon — along with a long list of other compounds, including mercury, gold and silver. That’s according to a more detailed analysis of the cold lunar soil near the moon’s South Pole. The results were released as six papers by a large team of scientists in the journal, Science Thursday. [Note: Nature's papers are behind a paywall; for a few more details, reader coondoggie points out a a story at Network World.] The data comes from the October 2009 mission, when NASA slammed a booster rocket traveling nearly 6,000 miles per hour into the moon and blasted out a hole. Trailing close behind it was a second spacecraft, rigged with a spectrometer to study the lunar plume released by the blast. The mission is called LCROSS, for Lunar Crater Observer and Sensing Satellite.”

Source: NASA Strikes Gold and Water On the Moon

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