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Generic PCs For Corporate Use?

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porkThreeWays writes “I work for a government agency supporting about 1000 PCs. The economy has hit us just like everyone else and we are looking at ways to save money. We currently buy Dell computers and even with our government discounts end up spending about $1,000 for a pretty mediocre computer. I had the idea of building our own PCs for considerably less. We’d spec out a standard configuration that we’d use for 18 months. CPU speeds and RAM sizes may change during that time, but socket types, memory standards, hard drive interfaces standards, etc, etc would be required to stay the same. We have Dell warranties right now, but I could see just keeping spare parts on the shelf and building that into the cost of the PC. We’d also be able to transfer Windows licenses because the Dell installs are non-transferable. However, I couldn’t find anyone on the large scale doing this. Is anyone on Slashdot using PCs they built themselves on the large scale?”

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